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Family law is a complex and emotionally charged field of law because the results of these types of cases tend to profoundly impact the people involved. If you are dealing with a divorce, legal separation, or another aspect of family law, I understand what you are going through and I am prepared to help you.

My name is Kevin B. Gibbs, and I am an Orange County divorce lawyer with 20 years of experience in family law. Since I first opened my firm, my goal has been to provide knowledgeable, caring, and effective legal representation to clients throughout Southern California. This is a philosophy I still maintain today.

Whether you are facing complex property division in the wake of a high-asset divorce or have questions about pre-nuptial agreements, I am prepared to offer the compassionate counsel and resolute representation you need to ensure that your rights and interests are preserved during this difficult time. Connect with my firm today to find out how I can assist you. When you call at (714) 987-9819, your initial consultation is free.

Why You Should Hire a Board-Certified Family Law Specialist

If you have made the decision to file for divorce, or you are dealing with another complex family law matter, it is important to understand that your choice in legal representation could have a significant impact on the outcome of your case. While there are a number of qualified attorneys to choose from in Orange County, not many of them have taken the steps to become board certified. This is a qualification that I, Kevin B. Gibbs, bring to the table. I have been practicing family law for more than two decades, and have been board certified since 2001.

Less than 10% of all lawyers in California have met these requirements, so you can trust that your case will be in capable hands when you turn to my firm for help.

In order to become certified as a family law specialist by the California State Bar's Board of Legal Specialization, one must complete a two-step process. First, the attorney must take and pass a written examination. Next, they must demonstrate their experience in the field—be it through trial success, professional references and/or participation in continued education programs. For this reason, only those who have taken steps to become board certified can claim to be experts in their field. If you want a legal expert in your corner, contact Kevin B. Gibbs, APLC today.

Exploring Your Options: Mediation & Collaborative Divorce

Are you facing divorce litigation because of a disagreement over custody rights, marital property, business division, or another issue complicating the terms of your marriage dissolution? I want to help you avoid the expensive and time-consuming process of going to court over a divorce. My firm is highly experienced in alternative dispute resolution methods.

When you come to my firm, we can discuss options like mediation and collaborative divorce. Reaching a separation agreement is much easier and more straightforward than going to court over a contested divorce. I can explain the mediator's role and answer your questions about mediation or help you understand the benefits of collaborative divorce and how it works.

We're Focused on the Best Interests of Your Child

Nothing is more important to parents than the safety, well-being, and happiness of their child, which is why child custody and child support cases have so much at stake. When you retain the help of my firm, I can help you resolve your unique child support and custody problems to ensure that your rights and the interests of your child are maintained.

Some of the issues that my firm can assist you with include:

  • If you are moving and worried about how relocation may affect your custody or visitation rights, I can help you address those concerns.
  • If your current orders no longer fit your situation or fail to meet the best interest of your child, I can help you pursue custody modifications.
  • If you are the primary custodian for your child, I can help to ensure that the child's other parent continues to make child support or spousal support payments.
  • If your ex-spouse is failing to cooperate with existing court orders, I can help you pursue child support or child custody enforcement.
  • If you believe you may be entitled to payments that you are not currently receiving, I can help you estimate child support costs and explain the process of getting child support.
  • If you have reason to believe you have been forced into paying child support that is exorbitant or unfair, my firm is prepared to fight on your behalf.
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