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Yorba Linda Divorce & Family Lawyer

Resolving Difficult Family Issues Since 1993

Individuals may not expect to find themselves facing divorce or considering to initiate one. The delicacy surrounding family law issues and complex California law may leave spouses feeling overwhelmed. Whether you are involved in a contested divorce or considering other options, do not hesitate to seek guidance from the Yorba Linda family law attorney at Kevin B. Gibbs, APLC.

Consider the benefits of my dedicated representation, including:

  • 25 years of legal experience
  • Board-certified family law specialist
  • Experienced in divorce mediation
  • Served as special master for family law issues

Why hire a board-certified family law specialist?

Of all the family lawyers practicing in California, fewer than 10% are certified by the state bar. My certification as a family law specialist represents my higher standard of knowledge and ability in family law matters. I apply my full set of skill and resources to all of my clients' legal issues.

Because I am able to act as a divorce attorney as well as a mediator in negotiations, I can adapt to difficult situations and help individuals pursue effective courses of action in a variety of scenarios. Whether you are seeking a divorce lawyer in Yorba Linda for divorce negotiations, marital agreements, or modifications, consider Kevin B. Gibbs, APLC to represent your interests.

I may help you obtain positive results with the following:

Helping Victims of Domestic Violence

My firm stands ready to help clients currently struggling with domestic violence or considering the possibility in a divorce. If you or a loved one may be under threat of violence, this may be a serious factor during a divorce. No do not risk the health and safety of your family on a judge's decision for custody and visitation. Retain a Yorba Linda family law attorney at my firm and ensure the best interests of you and your family are looked after. Whether you need assistance in divorce negotiations or for a restraining order, my firm may be able to help you get protection.

Consider Using a Collaborative Divorce

Many couples believe they have no choice but to endure the emotional and financial troubles of a court-litigated divorce because they were unaware of their options. One effective method of alternative dispute resolution is collaborative divorce, which allows couples to negotiate the terms of their divorce agreement outside of court.

With their attorneys present, spouses give full disclosure of their assets and communicate their needs and interests to one another or to their attorneys. This method of divorce can eliminate the need for lengthy court proceedings and fees. When spouses reach an agreement, their lawyers draft the finalized divorce arrangements and submit it to a judge for approval.

Mediating Your Divorce and Marital Arrangements

Mediation is an alternative method of divorce that can minimize disputes and foster amicable arrangements. Spouses meet outside of court and negotiate their terms with guidance from a neutral third-party mediator who can help spouses get their interests heard, and brainstorm solutions for the couple. Retaining a lawyer during mediation is optional, but not required.

A skilled mediator has working knowledge of the law and should not only be able to answer questions, but also provide effective solutions in order to help couples reach mutually-beneficial arrangements. Mediation can be used in most marital arrangements, including pre-nuptial agreements and post-judgment modifications.

I offer a free case consultation to discuss your case! Contact my firm today.