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Our Divorce & Family Law Practice Areas

Family law is the area of law which deals with separation, divorce, child custody, division of marital assets and adoption. Facing a divorce can be very stressful and life changing. There are many legal issues that need to be discussed and handled properly. It is very important that you trust your situation with an experienced divorce attorney. As a dedicated divorce lawyer with extensive experience in this field, I can guide you through the process to help ensure that you obtain the best possible results.

I have devoted my practice exclusively to family law matters for clients primarily in the Orange County area. Furthermore, I am one of the few divorce attorneys in California to be certified by the board of legal specialization. As an experienced divorce attorney, I strive to understand my clients' needs and take the time to address each and every one of their concerns. When working my firm, you can be sure that your family matter is being handled with the best possible outcome in mind.

Attempting to deal with a divorce, whether contested or uncontested, can present a number of difficulties for a spouse, parent, grandparent or any other family member. Having an Orange County divorce attorney you can rely upon not only for dedicated legal representation but for honest, compassionate guidance can make a difference in the final result of your case as well as your peace of mind through the proceedings. That is the level of family law counsel my law firm is dedicated to providing to our clients throughout Orange County and the surrounding areas.

Areas of Practice

Whether you are facing a divorce or you need assistance in filing a restraining order, my Orange County firm is ready to facilitate the process. I handle all types of family law related matters, including the following:

Child Custody
When children are involved, the issues faced by a splitting couple are made more complicated because matters of custody and visitation must also be established.

Child Support
California law requires that both parents provide financial maintenance for their children, and the court often requires the non-custodial parent to make monthly payments for the well-being of the children.

Cases of divorce will vary depending on the specific circumstances of each case. No two cases are exactly alike, even if a termination of the marriage is the common end result.

Divorce Mediator
For couples that don't want to involve the process of litigation in the dissolution of their marriage, mediation is an alternative option through which details and conditions of the divorce can be reached.

Domestic Violence
Cases of domestic violence are now being more easily recognized by doctors, counselors and attorneys. If you are suffering abuse at the hands of a family member, there are legal actions you can take to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Involving a Divorce Lawyer
Both sides of a divorcing party must seek their own legal representation when going through a divorce. It is important to have a knowledgeable attorney in your corner who can aggressively advocate on your behalf and protect your rights and interests.

Post-Judgment Modification
A modification to the decrees laid out in your divorce may be made if changes have occurred since the time of your judgment. If you need to have the terms of your child support, custody, spousal support, or visitation orders changed, speak with an attorney as soon as possible to learn what steps must be taken.

Property Division
Contested property matters require the expertise of a divorce attorney who can protect your interests during the litigation and fight for your rights.

Restraining Orders
Many family law cases are complex and contentious, and in some cases one party seeks a restraining order out of fear for their own safety and the safety of their loved ones. An attorney can help you take the necessary legal steps if you are living in fear and need protection.

Legally separating from your spouse is a good alternative for couples who are unsure if divorce is the next best step. However, separation can have legal implications that a couple should be aware of, and they must be sure they are complying with the state's laws.

Spousal Support
When a couple dissolves their marriage there may be a need for financial support of a particular spouse. Conditions that determine this need include, but are not limited to the standard of living during the marriage, the education level of each spouse and the earning ability of each partner.

Why an Amicable Divorce?
Some couples agree that divorce is the best option for their situation, and by pursuing amicable divorce, they may be able to save themselves a great deal of time, stress, and money.

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The most common mistake individuals make when dealing with a family law matter is hiring a general-practice attorney to handle their divorce case. Family law consists of a variety of legal matters that should only be represented by a certified family law attorney. Lawyers who handle family law related cases once in a while often lack the knowledge and experience needed to handle a divorce case.

As an experienced divorce lawyer, I recognize that no two families and no two cases are the same. That is why, when I handle a family law matter for a client, I take care to fully review their unique situation and talk to them about their concerns so I understand their needs. I wish to help each client reach the most advantageous outcome from a financial, legal and emotional standpoint. Call my firm at (714) 987-9819 to discuss your legal needs!