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Mediating Separation Agreements in CA

Orange County Separation Lawyer

If you and your spouse are thinking about a legal separation, whether or not it ends in divorce, you must have a separation agreement. There are often many tough legal topics that must be addressed, communicated about and mutually agreed upon in order for a separation and / or divorce to be legally finalized by a family court judge. A separation agreement will be the final document that must be provided to the family law court in order to make the decisions agreed upon by both spouses legally binding.

What should be included in a separation agreement?

A separation agreement will lay out the wishes of both spouses and plans for issues like:

Benefits of Enlisting a Mediator for Legal Separation

Sometimes both spouses may have great difficulty when trying to decide what is fair and may need legal support through mediation. When both spouses are able to reach a mutual agreement they can avoid costly legal fees, time spent in court and a possible ugly court battle by working with an experienced mediator in Orange County. In addition, since the decisions have been communicated between both spouses and have been mutually agreed upon, it can allow for both spouses to easily begin a new life without stress, hard feelings and regret.

Get experienced help from OC Attorney Kevin B. Gibbs!

As a board-certified family law specialist, I have seen many people come out of a legal separation with superior results. By taking charge of their own separation, through mediation, they were able to communicate their own feelings and wants with their spouse without someone else making the final decisions for them.

I am extremely knowledgeable about the family court system and separation agreements. I can provide mediation services if needed to help both spouses to reach an agreement if necessary. I can also help document the arrangements agreed upon and present it to the court. For effective legal counsel and mediation services for your legal separation, contact my firm today and work with a mediation attorney in Orange County!