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When two people decide to divorce, there will be many legal issues which must be agreed upon by both parties. Failing to reach a mutual agreement will result in a contested divorce. This type of divorce can be extremely difficult, financially expensive and may take months or even years to resolve in court. By hiring an experienced divorce attorney in Orange County, you can make sure that your rights are well-protected and your best interests are strongly represented.

A contested divorce may involve disputes over the following:

When you hire an attorney, you can feel confident in knowing that your legal rights are being protected. As a board-certified family lawyer, I have helped my clients effectively defend their best interests in litigation and divorce negotiations outside of court. In some cases, I have been able to turn a contested divorce into one of mutual agreement, thus allowing for both parties to avoid a courtroom battle. If you are seeking amicable resolutions and dedicated representation in your divorce negotiations, contact Kevin B. Gibbs, APLC today!

What to Expect in Your Contested Divorce Case

If you and your spouse are unable to agree on the terms of your divorce and you have sought our counsel, the next step will be presenting the case before a judge in civil court. Before you get to this point, you should have an idea of how the judge will handle your case. The judge makes major decisions that will shape the future lives of you and your family members.

The court may grant a divorce for any of the following reasons:

  • Incompatibility
  • Failure to perform a material marital duty
  • Incompatibility due to mental incapacity of one or both spouses

Incompatibility is a common basis for a divorce and requires testimony from one or both parties before the court will dissolve the marriage. Taking these matters to court can be painful, but the right lawyer can help you resolve these issues quickly. Speak with an Orange County family law lawyer and ensure you are make better decisions for your divorce and your future.

Reasons Why You May Need a Divorce Attorney

A divorce can be financially overwhelming. You don't want to rack up unnecessary expenses on legal counsel, but you don't want to lose more property or time with your children than is necessary either. If you and your spouse are unable to reach an agreement regarding child custody, property or debt, it is best to seek my counsel. These are major pieces in a divorce that can become extremely problematic without legal guidance.

If there is a problem with spousal, child, sexual or substance abuse, contact me immediately. Under these circumstances, it may be impossible for the affected spouse to negotiate effectively, and I can help arrange the necessary protection until the case is closed. These issues may have influence over child custody and visitation, and should not be addressed without legal counsel.

If your spouse has already hired legal representation, I urge you to contact me. This is especially true if you are facing complicated financial issues or have children. Without a thorough knowledge of your rights in a divorce you could lose more than you have to. I do not recommend going head to head with a seasoned professional without my consultation.

Alternative Methods of Divorce Resolution

In my 25 years of experience as a divorce attorney, I have been able to help many couples facing complex family law issues. Spouses who seek to resolve their contested divorce by undergoing court litigation may not know there are alternative methods for divorce negotiations. Through mediation and collaborative divorce, I have helped many couples find positive solutions to their legal issues without long and painful court litigations.

Mediation is a method of negotiating marital arrangements with the help of a third-party mediator outside of court. In mediation, lawyers are only optional. Similarly, collaborative divorce negotiations take place outside of court, but attorneys are usually present to protect the spouses' interests and draft the legal agreement. Both mediation and collaborative divorce can minimize the troubles and expenses that come with a court-supervised divorce.

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At my law firm, I represent clients in need of an experienced and compassionate legal professional. I help clients navigate through the complex family court system and the problems and issues it addresses. In addition, I can help spouses come together through the aid of divorce mediation and other alternative methods in hopes of avoiding many appearances in court and the enormous fees associated with divorce altogether.

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