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Enforcement of Child Support Orders

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When a child support agreement is made within the family law courts, it is legally binding. If the order is not followed, there are legal steps that you can take in order to enforce it. In California alone, approximately 88% of parents having to pay child support are fathers and the other 12% are mothers - with about a half of the child support cases resulting from divorce.

If you happen to be a parent who has fallen behind in child support, you may face serious consequences unless you fulfill your child support obligations. You may be put in jail and your driver's license may be suspended, along with several other penalties, including:

  • You may be reported to the credit bureau
  • Your income can be withheld
  • Your passport may be denied
  • A hold may be placed on your student grant
  • Your federal and state tax refunds can be offset

The family law courts have no sympathy for a parent who does not provide the needed care for a child as was pre-determined by the courts. You may be between jobs, or could have been in a car accident that set you back financially, but, chances are, these excuses will fall upon deaf ears in the courtroom. A judge may be more willing to hear your side of the story if it is being explained by a competent child support attorney. If you are behind in child support, contact an Orange County family lawyer in order to work toward reaching an agreement that may keep you out of jail.

What an Experienced Lawyer Can Do For You

If you are a parent that is relying on child support payments each month, it can be very difficult when they do not arrive. When this occurs, you will first want to file a report at your local child support enforcement office. Come prepared with your own detailed account which outlines the missed payments and notes the negligent parent's last known address.

If the parent is incapable of paying the full amount because of a change in their employment situation, their payments may be adjusted; however, if the parent is neglecting these payments entirely, they will need to state their case before a judge. Filing for child support is only the beginning. Often times, the enforcement of the child support agreement is an ongoing struggle.

In order to prevent this struggle, the negligent parent should be held fully responsible in court. In my 25 years as an Orange County divorce attorney, I have been able to obtain excellent case results through enforcement tactics within the family court system. For instance, if the parent responsible for the child support payments is required to serve a jail sentence, I will have the incarceration suspended until they make a payment. This has allowed for the protection of the child and parent's rights to receive support under state child support guidelines.

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Regardless of whether you are a father or mother looking to enforce child support payments or re-negotiate child support costs, I can help. I provide legal protection for clients facing child custody and child support issues throughout Orange County and Riverside County. It is very important that you meet with me as soon as possible in order to protect your parental rights.

If you need help with child support enforcement as the paying or receiving parent, take immediate action by retaining me as your Orange County divorce lawyer today. Contact Kevin B. Gibbs, APLC and ask about child support enforcement assistance. You can also learn more by filling out a free case evaluation form on our website.

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