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Post-Judgment Modifications in California

Orange County Divorce Attorney

Has a significant change in circumstances left your current divorce agreement difficult or outright impossible to follow? If so, you may file a court action to modify the arrangements of your divorce. As an Orange County divorce attorney, I can offer you helpful insight into the matter. I have extensive experience and training in handling post-judgment modifications and can determine whether your case may qualify. By properly presenting the applicable information and handling your case, I can help you seek a change in custody or support that suits your current needs.

Consider my qualifications as a family law legal professional, including:

  • 25 years of experience in family law
  • Board-certified family law specialist
  • Skilled divorce mediator
  • Experienced in many complex legal issues

Modifying Custody & Support Orders

Both child support and child custody orders can be modified by a new court order. For a court to modify an existing order, the court must be able to find that there has been a change of circumstances since the last order was made. A skilled divorce lawyer in Orange County can help you prepare the documentation and evidence necessary to prove a need for modification.

Situations that may call for modifications include the following:

  • A child is experiencing problems at home or school
  • A parent loses a job/is forced to take a lower-paying job
  • A parent receives a higher-paying job
  • A parent moves out of the area
  • A parent has a chemical or alcohol dependency problem
  • A parent changes his/her work schedule

Modifying a Property Settlement

Usually, the divorce judgment governing property divisions and settlements cannot be modified. However, if you are able to prove that the other spouse hid or misrepresented assets, you may be able to petition a court for a modification. Sometimes, misrepresentations of assets may have resulted from accidental errors or ignorance of the law, but regardless of the cause, you should protect your best interests. A skilled legal professional may help you gather the evidence you need to make a modification to your divorce property settlement.

Use Mediation for Your Agreement Modifications

The prospect of filing a petition and undergoing court litigation may seem overwhelming and painful. If you are seeking an alternative method to resolving your modification issues, consider using mediation. Mediation is a procedure done outside of court with the help of a third-party mediator. The mediator helps spouses communicate their needs and interests with the intent of arriving at mutually-beneficial arrangements. Because mediation avoids court litigation and does not require the presence of an attorney, the process can save trouble and expenses for the spouses, and even foster healthy communication.

Effective Legal Guidance for Family Law Issues

Since 1993, Kevin B. Gibbs, APLC has served the community as an Orange County family law attorney. As a board-certified family law specialist and a skilled mediator, I have the experience and abilities to help you pursue an effective solution in your post-judgment modification. I am also able to help you take action with custody enforcements, and most other family law issues. Do not hesitate to contact my firm and discuss your situation!