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Blog Posts in 2013

  • Growing Trend: Collaborating with Your Former Spouse After Divorce

    || 30-Dec-2013

    When people hear the word " divorce," they tend to think of ex-spouses who are either constantly fighting or who want nothing to do with each other. A recent USA Today article, however, reported that more and more divorced couples are actually making efforts to work together amicably—oftentimes for the sake of the children, but sometimes even when no children are involved. In one ...
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  • Including Holiday Schedules in Your Parenting Plan

    || 23-Dec-2013

    When spouses with children get divorced, they need to draw up parenting plans as part of their child custody agreements. A parenting plan is basically a guide for how the soon-to-be ex-spouses will co-parent. It outlines specific terms, such as when the child will be with each parent and for how long. It is important that parents include holiday schedules in the parenting plan, which determines ...
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